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Boysville Recreation Center

6945 Wagner St

Detroit, MI




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Controversial No-Call

Its Opening Day, first game of the season and it's UPBA (grey) vs Impact. To the left is a clip that everyone is raving about. The last few seconds of the game where a play was in question of a foul. Some say the possession where Curt (#1) had the ball and hit a floater to give Impact the lead was a foul. Many others say the next possession when #3 Des was driving to the lane during the last few seconds was a foul too. 

But there's a bigger question at stake here. Why was UPBA even in this situation in the first place when Impact played almost 3 quarters with only 4 players? Yes, Impact kept the game close the entire time with only 4 players! When we asked coach Hines of Impact about his strategy and how he pulled off a underrated win, he said "we ran a box zone" that they couldn't figure out. Then veterans like Joe Carr showed up and sealed the deal on the win. So was UPBA just out-coached? Should they have blown out Impact?