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Who To Watch In Week 4

Who To Watch In Week 4


These teams both 2-1 and they both took a loss from the same team, All Hitters. 

Whichever team loses could possibly drop all the way to #12 though and that's out of playoff range so it's crucial. Showtime on a 2 game win streak with hot hands from Jourdon and Darain both coming off 30 point games. But the Buckeyes the type of team that don't take possessions off so it'll be interesting to see if Showtime can get hot against them. Who ever win takes the #7 spot in the league.






Every game E2W play is a game to watch because everybody wants to beat them. They won in every league they played in and they let you know about it, which makes every team line up to take they shot at them. And with E2W still being undefeated so far, every team wants to be the first to give them a L on they record. It's possible Da Crew can pull it off if they're hot from outside like they usually are. At the same time everybody knows E2W's strength is their defense and they ranked #1 in that too. Teams are only averaging 56 points against them and they don't allow a lot of 3's. Still Da Crew is coming off a game where they hit 15 so we'll see. They also have to out rebound E2W if they're to do what only 3 teams have done.



5:00p - GOTW

This should be a good one right here. Flyhigh always one of the most entertaining teams in the league and right now they 3-0. Ouz, Ken, Springs and the Young Bull give you your money's worth every game. They throw more oops than anybody. This game might be a little different though as Fast Forward got one of the best rim protectors in Martell and one of the best backcourts in Darryl and Mike. Fast Forward looking to bounce back from a nasty loss so they hungry. They'll most likely be without second leading scorer D.Rice but they'll need defense for this game. We heard Mike Douglas was in the gym after their loss against CTM too. 




This should be a good one too! Mainly because of the guard match-ups. La Familia got globetrotter Los English and former Mr. PSL Brailen Neely (who had 19 last game) and the Hurricanes got overseas players, E.Evans and Jeremy Allen (who both had 24 last game). Both teams small and like to shoot a lot and both teams said they missing they bigs but we want to see the guards go at it anyway. La Familia need a win too. They 0-3 but they a lot better than what they record show. The last team that started out 0-3 went on the win the championship.