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Boysville Recreation Center

6945 Wagner St

Detroit, MI




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5pm This Sunday

Showtime the 5th ranked team in the league and moved to that spot after beating Court Runners for they 4th straight win. So far Showtime probably been playing the best team basketball out of everybody. If you watch they games everybody contribute. That's probably the reason they're 4-1 because they all literally contribute. 3 different players have scored 30 or more this season (Jourdon, Darian, Rodney) and Rodney is the second leading scorer in the league coming off at 34 point game. Showtime can score for sure, they're one of the 5 teams to reach 90, but it's defense they lack and against Eazy Money they'll need that.

Eazy Money two games behind Showtime at #7 so you can see why they'll want this game Sunday. They took a tough loss against IMIX last Sunday so they dropped from 5th to 7th. But we'll be honest, in this matchup most people will probably go for Eazy Money with Showtime being the definite underdog. Mainly because of the stacked team Eazy Money has. Zeek been doing damage all throughout the league. He's 4th in points (22.5), 3rd in rebounds (11.0) and 3rd in steals (3.0) and that's just one player. Eazy Money probably got the most semi-pro and former semi-pro players than any other team. Matt also averaging a near double-double with 19.2ppg and 8rpg and Gulley is 5th in steals. Coach Melly said no team can match them at full capacity and they can beat anybody.

We'll see how this one turn. Showtime will have to play big on defense while Eazy Money has to figure out who has the hot hand this week for Showtime. Winner moves to #5 and possibly higher if All Hitters or Flyhigh loses.

Game this Sunday @ 5pm.

Showtime interview after beating the Buckeyes
Eazy Money interview aftr beating Team Plug