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Boysville Recreation Center

6945 Wagner St

Detroit, MI




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#1. E2W (5-1) - Moved back to #1 after beating the Hurricanes and All Hitters beating CTM

#2. All Hitters (5-1) - On a 4 game win streak and the only team they lost to is E2W. Just beat the last remaining undefeated team CTM last week which put them at #2.

#3. CTM (5-1) - They loss they first game last week against All Hitters, the same team Flyhigh lost to, but because they lost by 7 they get the edge over Flyhigh in the rankings.

#4. Flyhigh (5-1) - Lost they only game to All Hitters in week 5 by 25, CTM lost to the same team by 7.

#5. Eazy Money (4-2) - Snapped Showtime 4 game win streak last week. They 2nd in the West only behind Flyhigh.

#6. Fast Forward (3-3) - Played against ranked teams every week except week 2 when they played Court Runners. On a 2 game win streak and just beat IMIX by last week by 2 points.

#7. La Familia (3-3) - La Familia probably had the toughest schedule next to E2W so far. They started out 0-3 but on a 3 game win streak now. They've made the biggest jump in the power rankings out of any team coming from #16 to #8 in 2 weeks.

#7. IMIX (3-3) - You can argue that IMIX can be ranked #5 since they beat Eazy Money but because they lost to Fast Forward last week and both Fast Forward and Eazy Money have played more ranked teams, they're tied at #7 with La Familia.

#9. Showtime (4-2) - Was previously at #4 on a 4 game win streak but suffered a hard loss against Eazy Money, dropping them to #9 on the list.

#10. Da Crew (4-2) - Off a win against Team Plug last week but more importantly, off a win against the Buckeyes in week 5 which moved them up a few spots considering they was tied with them before.