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#1 East 2 West (LW, #1): E2W is at the top of the power rankings for the 3rd straight week and they do it with tough defense. So far they kept all they opponents under 60 points, besides Eazy Money who managed to get 62 against them on opening day. They are the #1 defensive team  in the league with opponents averaging just 56.0 per game against them. Top DPOY candidates Justin and Day Day protect the paint well and make it very hard to score.

Next Game: vs Da Crew 4pm

#2 Flyhigh (LW, #2): Flyhigh has probably had a easier road to the #2 spot considering they opponents have a combined record of 1-8. Still they made those games look easy beating every team by 14 points or more and they did it with flash. Springs finished w/ 20pts, 5rebs, 5asst in their last game against UPBA. Their games are about to get tougher as they play their toughest opponent yet in Fast Forward this Sunday @ 5pm in the "Game of the Week".

#3 CTM (LW, #3): Has moved to their highest seed of the season. They've also had a light season so far but like Flyhigh, they've made it look easy, especially last weeks game against La Familia, in what people thought was going to be a good game, instead it was a blow out by 25. Shane is coming off 'player of the week' honors from this game.

Next Game: vs All Treys @ 2pm

#4 Eazy Money (LW, #5): Eazy Money hasn't lost since week 1 and got a huge win over Fast Forward last week. They got a 3 headed monster in Zeek, Rio and Matt and when Salo dressed they undefeated. If CTM or Flyhigh loses this week they'll shoot right up in the rankings and they came 1 point shy of beating the #1 team.

Next Game: vs Team Plug @ 3pm

#5 Hurricanes (LW, #7): Hurricanes is probably the most overlooked team in the league silently moving up in the rankings. Technically they haven't loss yet but they got their biggest win of the season against Money Team, which people thought they would lose. Jeremy Allen and E.Evans are a tandem to be reckoned with. They each scored 24 last game and E.Evans won western conference player of the week. We can't leave out Dre Black either who's a sniper from 3. This team makes the 2nd most amount of 3's next to Da Crew.

Next Game: vs La Familia @ 7pm

#6 All Hitters (LW, #10): All Hitters probably made the biggest jump in the power rankings this week. Not only did they beat the undefeated #4 Buckeyes, scoring a league record 97 points, but every team ahead of them loss too. That includes Money Team, Fast Forward and Impact. All Hitters went from #10 to #6 real fast and won 'Team of the Week'.

Next Game: vs Court Runners @ 1pm

#7 Buckeyes (LW, #4): Buckeyes been playing real good basketball so far this season. They were amongst the undefeated until they ran into All Hitters who really wanted they spot last week. Mozzy led the way with 17 points but his team was held to 76 points in the loss so they dropped a few spots.

Next Game: vs Showtime @ 12pm

#8 Da Crew (LW, #11): Da Crew had a forfeit win last week and it brought them up 3 spots. This team is also flying under the radar as they're the leading team in 3's made. You simply can't leave them open around the perimeter. Their team hit 15 3's in their last game with Alonzo, Nick, and James hitting everything. They have to really be on fire again if they want to beat the #1 team this Sunday.

Next Game: vs E2W @ 4pm

#9 Showtime (LW, 12): Since Showtime got beat badly on opening day they've won 2 straight and haven't loss. They got the Buckeyes this Sunday and if Darain and Jourdan play like they played last week they'll have no problem. Jourdan put up 31 points and Darain racked up 35 leading all scorers for the week and scored the most points by any player all season so far.

Next Game: vs Buckeyes @ 12pm 

#10 IMIX (LW, #8): Impact (now IMIX) won 'team of the week' on opening day winning a game against UPBA with basically 4 players. Since then it seems like they're in a roster crisis with players coming and going and they appear unorganized which is not the usual for them. They lost to E2W last Sunday by 18.

Next Game: vs Motor City Underdogs @ 8pm

#11 Fast Forward (LW, #9) Next to UPBA, FF has probably had the hardest schedule so far with 2 out of their 3 opponents being ranked in the top 5. Still we believe they should be higher. FF is a long running successful franchise but it don't seem like they're competing hard enough. Eazy Money's blow out win over them would not have happened in the past.

Next Game: vs Flyhigh @ 5pm 

#12 Money Team (LW, #6): Money Team took a loss from the Hurricanes but it was a close one. And like the Hurricanes, MT technically only loss 1 game due to late registration so they have a 1-2 record. JT nearly tallied a triple double in the game but it wasn't enough. With the Hurricanes, All Hitters, and Da Crew winning last week it forced MT down 6 spots.

Next Game: vs UPBA @ 6pm



#13 Motor City Underdogs (LW, #13): MCU forfeited a game last week and loss. Had they shown up and beat Da Crew they could of moved up to the 10 spot.

Next Game: vs IMIX @ 8pm

#14 All Treys (LW,#18): You can argue that this team should be 3-0. They dropped a 18 point lead in week 1 to the Underdogs and came back from a 15 point lead against Showtime in week 2 to lose by 6. But All Treys got they first win of the season over the Court Runners and nearly set a league record in most points scored in a game with 95. They would have broke it but All Hitters scored 97 in the game before them to take those honors. Even though they didn't break that record they broke another record hitting 22 3-pointers in the game. They nearly won 'team of the week' with this performance. When they hitting 3's like that they hard to beat.

Next Game: vs CTM @ 2pm

#15 La Familia (LW,#14) This a team that definitely shouldn't be 0-3. Brailen scored a game high 19 points in their loss against CTM but they loss by 25. Luckily they only dropped one spot and it's still early. We expect them to be performing a lot better.

Next Game: vs  Hurricanes @ 7pm

#16 Team Plug (LW,#15): Team Plug is a competitive team that plays hard and they lost some games they probably should of won. All of their games have been close and most of the time their full roster not present. They loss their last game by 9 and the previous game against the #3 CTM, they only loss by 6. 

Next Game: vs Eazy Money @ 3pm

#17 UPBA (LW,#16): UPBA probably had the toughest schedule of any team so far. All of their opponents have been ranked #6 or higher. They should have beat Impact during opening day but they fell short. But it's still early so 1 win could catapult them right back into the mix.

Next Game: vs Money Team @ 6pm

#18 Court Runners (LW,#17): This team plays better when their playing fast pace. They lost badly to All Treys, who previously held this spot but that doesn't mean they should have lost. Tez nearly brought them back in the 3rd scoring 23 points but All Treys was hitting all their treys against them knocking down a league high 22 3-pointers.

Next Game: vs All Hitters @ 1pm