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Boysville Recreation Center

6945 Wagner St

Detroit, MI




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The Free Agent Showcase is for players who are not on a team but are looking to be signed to one. The game is a full 10 minute game of random players assigned to a team who will get a chance to display their talent in front of coaches. The showcase will consist of 4 weeks.

Each player is required to pay a $5 entry fee each game and every player MUST bring a white and black t-shirt. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time. You will not be able to play if you do not meet these requirements. 

During these games we'll be looking for the best talent. If you perform we'll help you get signed. We'll be interviewing the top performers, posting stats and giving them exposure and if a coach is interested, they'll let us know and we'll arrange a meeting. Some coaches will be in attendance during games and will contact players themselves. If a coach feels your a good fit for their team, they'll add you to their regular season roster.

Free Agent Game is this Sunday February 24th at 3pm. Boysville Recreation Center (6945 Wagner Ave, Detroit, MI 48210)

We welcome all hoopers from around the state. This is a Pro-am basketball league so we're only seeking players with a certain skill level. We have the right to refuse all others. 

A Placement Season will take place during the Free Agent Showcase. This is for teams that's never played in the league but want to compete in the league. We'll be putting these teams on the schedule during the Free Agent Showcase to see where they rank and if they can compete at the desired level. This will be mandatory for new teams. 

The Placement season will be like a preseason for teams that's played in the league before. It's optional you can use these games to warm up for regular season, workout new players, build team chemistry or whatever you feel you can use it for. 

Each team is required to pay a $50 referee fee. If you registered your team and already paid the registration fee, we'll have your jerseys.

We welcome all the top teams from around the state.

You can watch the games and scout the talent to see if a player is good for your team. Free agents free to sign with any team so its first come first serve. Rosters are final after week 4 of the regular season. 

If your team already paid the registration fee your allowed FREE admission. If you haven't registered it'll be a $5 entry fee.